About us

The Institute has over 35 years experience in technical and economic research as well as in scientific and information activities in Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology.

The Institute has a well developed infrastructure:

  •  The Information base - over 1.6 million domestic and foreign documents, including: deposited research papers - more than 20 thousand, names of Technical Specification - more than 15 thousand (incl. Technical Specification of the former USSR)
  •  Technical background - modern computer technology, information retrieval databases, polygraphic complex
  •  The staffing: well educated and trained chemists, information officers, market experts, printing specialists.

The main activities of the Institute:

  • scientific and information support of companies and institutions on the problems of the chemical industry;
  • development of analytical products, conducting marketing researches of the state, trends and development prospects of Ukraine`s chemical industry, domestic commodity market and its individual segments, global chemical industry, global and regional commodity markets of chemical and petrochemical industry markets;
  • documentary support with an educational and methodical materials on safety issues, normative and technical documentation in the field of technical regulatory policies;
  • development and publication of scientific and informational collections, catalogs, brochures, price lists;
  • scientific and methodical support of international and national exhibitions and fairs, presentations, scientific conferences and industry profile meetings.