Department of Economic and Marketing Research

  • conducting marketing researches of the state, trends and development prospects of Ukraine`s chemical industry, domestic commodity market and its individual segments, global chemical industry, global and regional commodity markets of chemical and petrochemical industry markets;
  • development of market reviews (on request);
  • completed market reviews with subsequent updating.

Market reviews include the following:

  • Global and regional market research study: North and South America, Asia-Pacific region, Western Europe, Baltic countries, CIS countries (capacity, production, consumption patterns, export-import, price and technological situations, raw material base, forecast and market news, manufacturers);
  • branded range of products, trade names, analogues, areas of application;
  • details of manufacturers, trading companies and representative offices;
  • in addition, there is a list of consumers and business intermediaries (Ukraine, CIS countries - with details). Consumer series of other regions are assembled to order.

Reviews are periodically updated (production and customs statistics, prices, investment projects, capacity, details revision and dossiers of manufacturers, consumer companies, suppliers).

You can order market reviews on the chemical products you are interested in, that is not specified in the list of developments:

– Global and CIS markets;

– market in a particular region or country;

- information on foreign and domestic chemical manufacturers;

- information on trading companies and consumers of chemical products;

- export and import statistics, etc.

We carry out development according to your Technical Task and finalize the completed reviews.

Provision of advisory and information services for managerial decision-making on the following issues:
- the feasibility of establishing of manufacturing of certain types of chemical products;
- the feasibility of expanding chemical production capacity, taking into account the competitive environment and the availability of substitutes, surpluses/deficits in supply or balance-sheets parameters of traditional consumption in the region/world;
- the selection of chemical production technology with consideration of availability of semi-processed or raw materials, engineering services, methods of waste disposal or its use in further processes;
– expansion of market outlets and redistribution of regional trade flows of chemical products;
- creation of a technological chain in order to ensure the full processing of raw materials into final market-demanding products and production of higher value added products;
– broadening the scope (types) of use of chemical products in certain areas of application (consumption);
- manufacture of innovational production at existing production facilities.
All counselling and information services are are granted in accordance with agreed Technical Task and are accompanied by evidence-based statistics and analysis data.