The market review "Aviation Lubricants (Motor Oils, Hydraulic Oils and Lubricants)" is based on the study aimed at the global market analysis, trends and forecast.
Об’єктом дослідження є авіаційні мастильні матеріали (масла моторні, гідравлічні та мастила), їх виробництво та споживання.

Information sources consulted include data from production statistics (national bureaux/institutes of statistics by country/region, for example: Rosstat (RF), Eurostat (Europe/EU), METI (Japan), etc.), foreign trade statistics (Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, State Customs Service of Ukraine, trade statistics of finance ministries (for example, Ministry of Finance of Japan -, etc.), Internet sites and annual reports of companies-producers, as well as data obtained from telephone interviews of employees of companies-producers of this product.

The present review provides information on aviation lubricants in Russia and summarizes the global market.
The first part of the review considers general information about the product: classification, properties, technological aspects of production. Basic raw materials (base oils, thickeners and additives: fillers, structure modifiers, additives).
Application areas of liquid lubricants, plastic lubricants, solid lubricants and suspensions. The major variety of aviation lubricants.
The second part considers the global market: the largest producers, consumers, major consumers (aircraft and air transport), market trends and forecasts.
The third part focuses on the Russian market:
- Manufacturers, dossiers, details, products.
- Production.
- Petroleum and synthetic lubricants consumption. Consumption structure. Main consumers.
- Foreign trade of the Russian Federation (sample code TN FEA 271019.8 *, 271019.9 * and 3403 *) in terms of suppliers and buyers.
- Aviation oils suppliers on the Russian market.
- The forecast for Russian aviation oil market.

Contains 183 pages, 22 figures and 53 tables.

The Work of 2019.

Reviews are periodically updated (production and customs statistics, prices, investment projects, capacity, details revision and dossiers of manufacturers, consumer companies, suppliers).
It is possible to finalize/develop a review on the specifications of the Customer.

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