Lactic Acid, chemical formula CH3CH(OH)COOH. The Review "Lactic Acid" is based on the study aimed at the analysis of current state and prospects of the world market development.The review studies lactic acid, its production and consumption.

Information sources consulted Information sources consulted include data from production statistics (national bureaux/institutes of statistics by country/region, for example: Rosstat (RF), Eurostat (Europe/EU), METI (Japan), etc.), foreign trade statistics (Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, State Customs Service of Ukraine, trade statistics of finance ministries (for example, Ministry of Finance of Japan -, etc.), Internet sites and annual reports of companies-producers, as well as data obtained from telephone interviews of employees of companies-producers of this product.

Timeframe of the study:: 2015-2019, the estimation 2020, the forecast 2025.

Study Geography::
- North America: USA, Canada;
- Latin America: Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Mexico;
- Western Europe: Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland;
- Central and Eastern Europe: Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic;
- Asia: China, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Japan;
- Middle East: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey;
- Africa: South Africa, Morocco;
- Eurasia: Russian Federation, Ukraine, Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan.

The report is divided into 5 parts, containing 459 pages, including 63 figures, 170 tables..

The first chapter describes the general characteristics and properties of lactic acid, its classification, technical requirements, application areas, nature, raw materials for lactic acid. Technologies and innovations in lactic acid manufacturing are also presented.
The second part describes the global lactic acid market (for the world as a whole as well as across regions: capacity, production and consumption dynamics, consumption structure, situation in consumer industries and market trends on consumer segments).
Key players on the lactic acid market, world trade balance, largest regions / countries importing and supplying lactic acid, prices are also provided in this section.
The third chapter of the review focuses on the production and consumption of lactic acid in regional markets (for different countries).
Sections 3.1-3.7 for each of the above countries provide information on manufacturers of lactic acid (specifications, dossiers, capacities, company products (main and related), quality characteristics of lactic acid, investment projects, etc.), statistics on lactic acid production, the calculated consumption data and foreign trade. The geographical pattern of imports and exports. Details of the largest consumers are also given.
The Section 3.8 (Eurasia) includes statistics on the release of lactic acid in Russian Federation. Details and dossiers of companies-producers, quality indicators of the products are given.
The calculated data for the lactic acid consumption are given: Russian Federation, Ukraine, The Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan.
The section provides information about the lactic acid export and import flows together with geography of deliveries, export and import price analysis (2015-2020).
In addition to the geographical structure of foreign trade in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, the information on import and export supplies in the context of importing companies and suppliers for the period 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 is given.
The fourth section provides brief information about the lactic acid market, market forecast, conclusions together with recommendations.
In the fifth section of the review the list of illustrations (figures, tables) is presented.

The Work of 2021.

Reviews are periodically updated (production and customs statistics, prices, investment projects, capacity, details revision and dossiers of manufacturers, consumer companies, suppliers).
It is possible to finalize/develop a review on the specifications of the Customer.

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